lightningscars-and-ministrycars said: hey whats your number, you can respond to this privately

did u get my last message? i hope so… i sorta suck at tumblr

lightningscars-and-ministrycars said: i really truly do not understand your url

its the name of my favorite band mebers and other stuff…anderson = blaine andersonn :)

and also i actually dont have a cell phone here…my saudi arabia phone is not working here and the phone i took to youth group was my cousins….do you have like a email or something :p

lightningscars-and-ministrycars said: ahhhhhh i found you

yes you did :D what up

lightningscars-and-ministrycars said: hey alexa, its liz. can you text or respond to this

heyyy whats up!!!

20 years from now

  • Daughter: I have a blog.
  • Me: Omg, I had a blog too when I was younger.
  • Daughter: What was it about?!
  • Husband: It was about me.
  • Me: Haha, yeah! Oh man, I'm so glad scientists invented a machine to make fictional characters real.

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that feeling when a whirlwind of sentient tax forms will never personally deliver your dream boy right into your arms conveniently over your lunch hour

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GLEE - 04 - SWAN SONG (06-Dec-2012 T))


AIR DATE: 06-Dec-2012 (T)

RUNNING TIME: 60 Minutes

CONCEPT:  At NYADA, Rachel gets a rare chance to participate in an important school competition, the outcome of which could have far reaching implications. Meanwhile, the gleeks are faced with a decision that impacts the future of New Directions.

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Darren Criss - How To Succeed BTS (x)


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